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queer, LGBT, gender and sexuality specialised therapist and counsellor Claudia Kent



My name is Claudia (she/her), and I am a fully qualified counsellor with an MSc in Person-Centred Psychotherapy and currently undertaking a Diploma in Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy.


I also hold a BSc in Gender Studies and have worked for several years in an organization in Sweden that is responsible for delivering education nationwide in sexual and reproductive health and rights. This work has deepened my understanding of issues relating to identity, sexuality, communication, consent and the nurturing of mutually satisfying relationships. It has also shaped my approach to creating a non-judgemental space for clients to feel safe discussing topics such as intimacy and desire.

I work primarily online with clients in the UK and abroad with limited availability of meeting in person in central Bristol. Sessions can be held in both English and Swedish.




PGDip Clinical Sexology and Relationship Therapy

CICS, 2024-2026

MSc Counselling & Psychotherapy

University of Strathclyde, 2021

COSCA Counselling Skills

University of Strathclyde, 2019

BSc Gender Studies

University of Gothenburg, 2017

BSc Fine Art Photography

University of Gothenburg, 2016

Domestic Abuse

Trauma and PTSD

Sexual Abuse

Neurodiversity / ADHD/ Autism





Sex Work

West Lothian Women’s Aid

Wellbeing Scotland


Trans- och Tjejjouren i Malmö

Mental Health Support   

RFSU- Swedish Association for Sexual Education

Project Leader / Educator

Claudia Kent counsellor and psychotherapist specialised in queer, trans, nonbinary, sexuality, gender and identity issues

I work in a gentle manner that aims to make the counselling room into a welcoming space for exploring all feelings. I am genuinely interested in the broad range of human experience, and my ambition is to support clients as they process their story and feelings at a pace that is comfortable for them. If they find themselves stuck or confused, I use active, compassionate listening methods to help them onwards.

Justice and equality are key values in my work. I work affirmatively with LGBTQIA+ persons and those practicing kink or polyamory as well as anyone exploring what gender, sexuality or identity might mean in their lives and relationships. Therapy may involve exploring the effects of issues such as shame and stigma, which may be particularly relevant for members of minority groups who might have experienced discrimination or exclusion. 

I wish to engage with each person’s story in its uniqueness and complexity. Above all, I endeavour to nurture mutual feelings of trust, respect and the will to learn together.


The personal



Published book by Claudia Kent called It's just sex
Claudia Kent photography book it's just sex


Claudia Kent has studied fine art photography in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the Czech Republic. In 2019 she published the book It’s Just Sex which features over 100 documentary portraits of people around the world who in various ways challenge norms around gender, identity, sexuality and relationships. The purpose with this book is ultimately to inspire viewers to reflect upon the shared humanity that lies beyond our supposed differences.

New queer photography book featuring Claudia Kent
photographs from book
New queer photography book featuring Claudia Kent


Claudia Kent's artwork is featured in Benjamin Wolberg's book New Queer Photography containing over 50 contemporary photographers woking with topics around gender, identity and sexuality.

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